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SNK + Google.  [insp]

SNK + Google.  [insp]


attack on titan fandom has the weirdest ways to deal with hiatus
i just saw a picture of the high school musical cast singing while killing titans and chicken levi giving birth to eren.
please just give us season 2 before we hit an even lower point in life


asjkajdñal Hikaru and Kaoru. ♥

Are my favorites in OHSHC. ♥

so…as i study french

"Les Parties du Corps"

comes up

…body parts in french is CORPSE PARTY

so done

open rp



"Tonight, I’ll be coming in your swamp,” Shrek said seductively. 


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  • Momotaro: so there's this cute girl I like
  • Seijuro: oh really? What's her name
  • Momotaro: Matsuoka Gou
  • Seijuro:
  • Seijuro:
  • Seijuro: Oh hell no

i think i hate him


what a dickface

don’t you dare mess with my wifu